MapR 5.0 Documentation : Migration Guide

This guide provides instructions for migrating business-critical data and applications from an Apache Hadoop cluster to a MapR cluster.

The MapR distribution is 100% API-compatible with Apache Hadoop, and migration is a relatively straight-forward process. The additional features available in MapR provide new ways to interact with your data. In particular, MapR provides a fully read/write storage layer that can be mounted as a filesystem via NFS, allowing existing processes, legacy workflows, and desktop applications full access to the entire cluster.

Migration consists of the following steps:

  • Planning the Migration — Identify the goals of the migration, understand the differences between your current cluster and the MapR cluster, and identify potential gotchas.
  • Initial MapR Deployment — Install, configure, and test the MapR cluster.
  • Component Migration — Migrate your customized components to the MapR cluster.
  • Application Migration — Migrate your applications to the MapR cluster and test using a small set of data.
  • Data Migration — Migrate your data to the MapR cluster and test the cluster against performance benchmarks.
  • Node Migration — Take down old nodes from the previous cluster and install them as MapR nodes.