MapR 5.0 Documentation : Node-Related Dialog Boxes

This page describes the node-related dialog boxes, which are accessible in most views that list node details. This includes the following dialog boxes:

Forget Node

The Forget Node dialog confirms that you wish to remove a node from active management in this cluster. Services on the node must be stopped before the node can be forgotten.

Manage Node Services

The Manage Node Services dialog lets you start and stop services on a node, or multiple nodes.

The Service Changes section contains a dropdown menu for each service:

  • No change - leave the service running if it is running, or stopped if it is stopped
  • Start - start the service
  • Stop - stop the service
  • Restart - restart the service


  • OK - start and stop the selected services as specified by the dropdown menus
  • Cancel - returns to the Node Properties View without starting or stopping any services

You can also start and stop services in the Manage Node Services pane of the Node Properties view.

Change Node Topology

The Change Node Topology dialog lets you change the rack or switch path for one or more nodes.

The Change Node Topology dialog consists of:

  • Nodes affected (the node or nodes to be moved, as specified in the Nodes view)
  • A field with a dropdown menu for the new node topology path

The Change Node Topology dialog contains the following buttons:

  • OK - changes the node topology
  • Cancel - returns to the Nodes view without changing the node topology