MapR 5.0 Documentation : Quick Start - Test Drive MapR on a Virtual Machine

This version of the MapR VM is now deprecated. This page is preserved for people who have already downloaded this version of the VM, and would like to try the tutorials. However, we strongly recommend that you download and try the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop.

The MapR Virtual Machine is a fully-functional single-node Hadoop cluster capable of running MapReduce programs and working with applications like Hive, Pig, and HBase. You can try the MapR Virtual Machine on nearly any 64-bit computer by downloading the free VMware Player.

The MapR Virtual Machine comes with popular open source components Hive 11, Pig 11, and HBase 94.5 already installed.

The MapR Virtual Machine desktop contains the following icons:

  • MapR Control System - navigates to the graphical control system for managing the cluster
  • MapR User Guide - navigates to the MapR online documentation
  • MapR NFS - navigates to the NFS-mounted cluster storage layer
  • Tour of the MapR VM - A link to A Tour of the MapR Virtual Machine.

Ready for a tour? The following documents will help you get started:


VM-desktop.png (image/png)