MapR 5.0 Documentation : Removing a License Using the MapR CLI

  1. From the command line, issue the maprcli license list command. Example:
    maprcli license list 
  2. Look for the id parameter in the output from the license list command. This is the license ID. Example:

    grace  id                           description        deletable   license         maxnodes
    true   5CTFWAeQQUIOc5Wm/onoOJqcCls= MapR Base Edition  false       version: "1.0"
    customerid: "BaseLicenseUser"
    issuer: "MapR Technologies, Inc."
    licType: Base
    description: "MapR Base Edition"

  3. Use the maprcli license remove command to remove the license. Example:

    maprcli license remove -license_id 5CTFWAeQQUIOc5Wm/onoOJqcC