MapR 5.0 Documentation : Upgrade Ecosystem with Manual Steps

These steps do not apply to ecosystem components that were installed using the MapR Installer.

After you upgrade the MapR cluster you may need to upgrade one or more ecosystem component. Refer to the Interoperability Matrix to see which ecosystem components are supported with the version of MapR that you upgraded to. You may also need to upgrade a supported version of an ecosystem component to a more recent supported version in order to ensure cross-compatibility among the ecosystem components in the cluster.  See Planning the Upgrade for more details.

In general, if you need to upgrade to a more recent minor version, a package upgrade may be all that is required. If you need to upgrade to the next major version, you may need to also migrate configuration files and upgrade metadata. 

This topic contains the following sections:

Re-installing or Upgrading to the Latest Minor Version

If you need to re-install or upgrade to the latest minor version of a component, for example, to upgrade from hive-12-1403 to hive-12-1408, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that your machine is configured to get the latest packages.  See Prepare Packages and Repositories for Upgrade.

  2. Determine the package name and major version of the component that is currently running on your machine.
    For example, you can use the following commands to display the MapR packages installed on the machine. 

    • On Red Hat / CentOS:
      rpm -qa | grep 'mapr'

    • On Ubuntu:
      dpkg --list 'mapr-*'

    • On SUSE:
      rpm -qa | grep 'mapr'

  3. Upgrade the package using the following syntax: 

    • On Red Hat / CentOS:
      yum update mapr-<packageName-majorVersion>*

    • On Ubuntu:
      apt-get install mapr-<packageName-majorVersion>* 

    • On SUSE:
      zypper update mapr-<packageName-majorVersion>*

For example, to upgrade to the latest hive 12 from hive-12-1403 (mapr-hive-0.12.23716-1.noarch.rpm), run yum update mapr-hive-0.12*

Upgrading to a Major Version

If you need to upgrade to a more recent major version, refer to the Ecosystem topics for details on how to upgrade each component:


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