MapR 5.0 Documentation : Using the AsyncHBase Library

The AsyncHBase library provides asynchronous Java APIs to access HBase tables or MapR-DB tables. MapR provides a version of AsyncHBase that is modified to work with MapR-DB tables. 

This page contains the following topics:

Installing AsyncHBase Libraries

Complete the following steps to install libhbase from a repository:

  1. Configure the repository to point to<operating system>
  2. Based on your operating system, run one of the following commands to install the package:
    • On Red Hat /Centos: 
      yum install mapr-asynchbase
    • On SUSE:
      zypper install mapr-asynchbase
    • On Ubuntu:
      apt-get install mapr-asynchbase 

After installing the mapr-asynchbase package, the AsyncHBase JAR file asynchbase-<version>-mapr.jar is in the /opt/mapr/asynchbase/asynchbase-<version> directory. 

Upgrading AsyncHBase Libraries

To upgrade to a more recent version of AsynchHBase library: 

  1. Install the new version.
  2. Update the Java CLASSPATH of your application to point to the newer version.

Building Applications with AsyncHBase

To build an application with the AsyncHBase library, add the /opt/mapr/asynchbase/asynchbase-<version> directory to your Java CLASSPATH.