MapR 5.0 Documentation : Using the HBase REST Gateway

HBase REST Gateway includes an API and a service that accepts REST requests to connect to HBase tables or MapR-DB tables. Starting in version 0.98.9, the HBase REST Gateway can be installed as a service that is managed by Warden. When mapr-hbase-rest is installed, the warden.hbase-rest.conf file is added to the /opt/mapr/conf/conf.d directory.

This page contains the following topics:

Installing the HBase REST Gateway

The HBase REST Gateway can be installed on any node where mapr-client package or the mapr-core package is installed.

Complete the following steps to install the HBase REST Gateway:

  1. Run the following command to install the HBase REST Gateway package:
    • On CentOS / Red Hat:
      yum install mapr-hbase-rest
    • Ubuntu: 
      apt-get install mapr-hbase-rest
  2. Run on the node where you installed HBase REST Gateway package.

After you install the HBase REST package and run, Warden starts and monitors the service. It also displays the status of the HBase REST service on the MapR Control System UI.

Starting the HBase REST Service

To start the HBase REST service, enter the following command with the name of the host where hbaserest is running:

maprcli node services -name hbaserest -action start -nodes <node_hostname>