List the MapR gateways that a source MapR cluster is using either for replication of table data to a destination MapR cluster or for the indexing of data in an Elasticsearch cluster.

This list of gateways is created by the maprcli cluster gateway set command. 



maprcli cluster gateway get
-dstcluster destinationCluster
[ -cluster sourceCluster]




The name of the cluster on which the gateways are located.

If you are replicating table data to another MapR cluster, specify the name of that destination cluster. This destination cluster could be the source cluster if you are performing intracluster replication.

If you are indexing table data in an Elasticsearch cluster, specify the name of the source MapR cluster because that is where the gateways are located.

clusterIf you are not on the source cluster, provide the name of the source cluster that this command should be run on.


Gets the list of gateways that is stored on a source MapR cluster. The gateways are being used for table replication and are located in the destination MapR cluster sfcluster.

maprcli cluster gateway get -dstcluster sfcluster
Example Output
cluster gatewayConfig
sfcluster gw1 gw2