Specifies the locations of the MapR gateways that a source MapR cluster can use for table replication to a destination MapR cluster or for indexing table data in an Elasticsearch cluster.

There are two other methods that you can use to specify the locations of gateways that a source MapR cluster can use when replicating to a particular MapR cluster or when indexing in an Elasticsearch cluster. See Configuring MapR Gateways for details about them.



maprcli cluster gateway set
-dstcluster cluster name
-gateways space-separated list of hostnames
[ -cluster cluster on which command to be run ]

RESThttp[s]://<host>:<port>/rest/cluster/gateway/set?dstcluster=<path>&gateways=<list of gateways>



The name of the MapR cluster in which the gateways are located.

If you are replicating table data to another MapR cluster, specify the name of that destination cluster. This destination cluster could be the source cluster if you are performing intracluster replication.

If you are indexing table data in an Elasticsearch cluster, specify the name of the source MapR cluster because that is where the gateways are located.

gatewaysA space-delimited list of gateway hostnames or IP addresses. Place double quotation marks around the list of gateways, as in this example: -gateways "gateway1 gateway2"
clusterIf you are not on the source MapR cluster, provide the name of that cluster.


This example specifies the hostnames of two gateways that are in the MapR cluster newyork. This command could be used in any of these situations:

  • The cluster newyork is the destination cluster for the replication of table data from the source MapR cluster.
  • The cluster newyork is both a source and destination cluster for intracluster table replication.
  • The cluster newyork is a source MapR cluster that contains tables being indexed in one or more Elasticsearch clusters.
maprcli cluster gateway set -dstcluster newyork -gateways "gw1.bigcompany.com gw2.bigcompany.com"