MapR 5.0 Documentation : yarn application

The yarn application lists applications, or prints the status or kills the specified application. 


yarn application
    [-list [<-appStates States>] [<-appTypes Types>] ]
    [-status ApplicationId]
    [-kill ApplicationId]


The following commands parameters are supported for yarn application:



-list [<-appStates States>] [<-appTypes Types>]


Lists applications.
Optionally, you can filter the applications based on type or state.

  • Use -appTypes to filer applications based on a comma-separated list of application types.  
  • Use-appStates to filter applications based on a comma-separated list of the following valid application states:ALL, NEW, NEW_SAVING, SUBMITTED, ACCEPTED, RUNNING, FINISHED, FAILED, KILLED

-status ApplicationId

Prints the status of the application.

-kill ApplicationIdKills the application.