Release Notes : Hadoop Component Versions for MapR 1.2

The following list provides the component package versions that you can use with MapR version 1.2:

  • Apache Hadoop 0.20.2
  • flume-0.9.4
  • hbase-0.90.4
  • hive-0.7.1
  • mahout-0.5
  • oozie-3.0.0
  • pig-0.9.0
  • sqoop-1.3.0
  • whirr-0.3.0

MapR HBase Patches

In the /opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.90.4/mapr-hbase-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for HBase:


MapR Pig Patches

In the /opt/mapr/pig/pig-0.9.0/mapr-pig-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for Pig:


MapR Mahout Patches

In the /opt/mapr/mahout/mahout-0.5/mapr-mahout-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for Mahout:


MapR Hive Patches

In the /opt/mapr/hive/hive-0.7.1/mapr-hive-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for Hive:


MapR Flume Patches

In the /opt/mapr/flume/flume-0.9.4/mapr-flume-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for Flume:


MapR Sqoop Patches

In the /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-1.3.0/mapr-sqoop-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for Sqoop:


MapR Oozie Patches

In the /opt/mapr/oozie/oozie-3.0.0/mapr-oozie-patches directory, MapR provides the following patches for Oozie:


HBase Common Patches

MapR 1.2 includes the following Apache Hadoop patches that are not included in the Apache HBase base version 0.90.4:

[HBASE-4169] FSUtils LeaseRecovery for non HDFS FileSystems.
[HBASE-4168] A client continues to try and connect to a powered down regionserver
[HBASE-4196] TableRecordReader may skip first row of region
[HBASE-4144] RS does not abort if the initialization of RS fails
[HBASE-4148] HFileOutputFormat doesn't fill in TIMERANGE_KEY metadata
[HBASE-4159] HBaseServer - IPC Reader threads are not daemons
[HBASE-4095] Hlog may not be rolled in a long time if checkLowReplication's request of LogRoll is blocked
[HBASE-4270] IOE ignored during flush-on-close causes dataloss
[HBASE-4238] CatalogJanitor can clear a daughter that split before processing its parent
[HBASE-4387] Error while syncing: DFSOutputStream is closed
[HBASE-4295] rowcounter does not return the correct number of rows in certain circumstances
[HBASE-4563] When error occurs in this.parent.close(false) of split, the split region cannot write or read
[HBASE-4570] Fix a race condition that could cause inconsistent results from scans during concurrent writes.
[HBASE-4562] When split doing offlineParentInMeta encounters error, it\'ll cause data loss
[HBASE-4222] Make HLog more resilient to write pipeline failures

Oozie Common Patches

MapR 1.2 includes the following Apache Hadoop patches that are not included in the Apache Oozie base version 3.0.0:
[GH-0022] Add Hive action
[GH-0139] Add Sqoop action

Hadoop Common Patches

MapR 1.2 includes the following Apache Hadoop patches that are not included in the Apache Hadoop base version 0.20.2:

[HADOOP-1722] Make streaming to handle non-utf8 byte array
[HADOOP-1849] IPC server max queue size should be configurable
[HADOOP-2141] speculative execution start up condition based on completion time
[HADOOP-2366] Space in the value for can cause great problems
[HADOOP-2721] Use job control for tasks (and therefore for pipes and streaming)
[HADOOP-2838] Add HADOOP_LIBRARY_PATH config setting so Hadoop will include external directories for jni
[HADOOP-3327] Shuffling fetchers waited too long between map output fetch re-tries
[HADOOP-3659] Patch to allow hadoop native to compile on Mac OS X
[HADOOP-4012] Providing splitting support for bzip2 compressed files
[HADOOP-4041] IsolationRunner does not work as documented
[HADOOP-4490] Map and Reduce tasks should run as the user who submitted the job
[HADOOP-4655] FileSystem.CACHE should be ref-counted
[HADOOP-4656] Add a user to groups mapping service
[HADOOP-4675] Current Ganglia metrics implementation is incompatible with Ganglia 3.1
[HADOOP-4829] Allow FileSystem shutdown hook to be disabled
[HADOOP-4842] Streaming combiner should allow command, not just JavaClass
[HADOOP-4930] Implement setuid executable for Linux to assist in launching tasks as job owners
[HADOOP-4933] ConcurrentModificationException in
[HADOOP-5170] Set max map/reduce tasks on a per-job basis, either per-node or cluster-wide
[HADOOP-5175] Option to prohibit jars unpacking
[HADOOP-5203] TT's version build is too restrictive
[HADOOP-5396] Queue ACLs should be refreshed without requiring a restart of the job tracker
[HADOOP-5419] Provide a way for users to find out what operations they can do on which M/R queues
[HADOOP-5420] Support killing of process groups in LinuxTaskController binary
[HADOOP-5442] The job history display needs to be paged
[HADOOP-5450] Add support for application-specific typecodes to typed bytes
[HADOOP-5469] Exposing Hadoop metrics via HTTP
[HADOOP-5476] calling new SequenceFile.Reader(...) leaves an InputStream open, if the given sequence file is broken
[HADOOP-5488] HADOOP-2721 doesn't clean up descendant processes of a jvm that exits cleanly after running a task successfully
[HADOOP-5528] Binary partitioner
[HADOOP-5582] Hadoop Vaidya throws number format exception due to changes in the job history counters string format (escaped compact representation).
[HADOOP-5592] Hadoop Streaming - GzipCodec
[HADOOP-5613] change S3Exception to checked exception
[HADOOP-5643] Ability to blacklist tasktracker
[HADOOP-5656] Counter for S3N Read Bytes does not work
[HADOOP-5675] DistCp should not launch a job if it is not necessary
[HADOOP-5733] Add map/reduce slot capacity and lost map/reduce slot capacity to JobTracker metrics
[HADOOP-5737] UGI checks in testcases are broken
[HADOOP-5738] Split waiting tasks field in JobTracker metrics to individual tasks
[HADOOP-5745] Allow setting the default value of maxRunningJobs for all pools
[HADOOP-5784] The length of the heartbeat cycle should be configurable.
[HADOOP-5801] JobTracker should refresh the hosts list upon recovery
[HADOOP-5805] problem using top level s3 buckets as input/output directories
[HADOOP-5861] s3n files are not getting split by default
[HADOOP-5879] GzipCodec should read compression level etc from configuration
[HADOOP-5913] Allow administrators to be able to start and stop queues
[HADOOP-5958] Use JDK 1.6 File APIs in wherever possible
[HADOOP-5976] create script to provide classpath for external tools
[HADOOP-5980] LD_LIBRARY_PATH not passed to tasks spawned off by LinuxTaskController
[HADOOP-5981] HADOOP-2838 doesnt work as expected
[HADOOP-6132] RPC client opens an extra connection for VersionedProtocol
[HADOOP-6133] ReflectionUtils performance regression
[HADOOP-6148] Implement a pure Java CRC32 calculator
[HADOOP-6161] Add get/setEnum to Configuration
[HADOOP-6166] Improve PureJavaCrc32
[HADOOP-6184] Provide a configuration dump in json format.
[HADOOP-6227] Configuration does not lock parameters marked final if they have no value.
[HADOOP-6234] Permission configuration files should use octal and symbolic
[HADOOP-6254] s3n fails with SocketTimeoutException
[HADOOP-6269] Missing synchronization for defaultResources in Configuration.addResource
[HADOOP-6279] Add JVM memory usage to JvmMetrics
[HADOOP-6284] Any hadoop commands crashing jvm (SIGBUS) when /tmp (tmpfs) is full
[HADOOP-6299] Use JAAS LoginContext for our login
[HADOOP-6312] Configuration sends too much data to log4j
[HADOOP-6337] Update FilterInitializer class to be more visible and take a conf for further development
[HADOOP-6343] Stack trace of any runtime exceptions should be recorded in the server logs.
[HADOOP-6400] Log errors getting Unix UGI
[HADOOP-6408] Add a /conf servlet to dump running configuration
[HADOOP-6419] Change RPC layer to support SASL based mutual authentication
[HADOOP-6433] Add AsyncDiskService that is used in both hdfs and mapreduce
[HADOOP-6441] Prevent remote CSS attacks in Hostname and UTF-7.
[HADOOP-6453] Hadoop wrapper script shouldn't ignore an existing JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH
[HADOOP-6471] StringBuffer -> StringBuilder - conversion of references as necessary
[HADOOP-6496] HttpServer sends wrong content-type for CSS files (and others)
[HADOOP-6510] doAs for proxy user
[HADOOP-6521] FsPermission:SetUMask not updated to use new-style umask setting.
[HADOOP-6534] LocalDirAllocator should use whitespace trimming configuration getters
[HADOOP-6543] Allow authentication-enabled RPC clients to connect to authentication-disabled RPC servers
[HADOOP-6558] archive does not work with distcp -update
[HADOOP-6568] Authorization for default servlets
[HADOOP-6569] FsShell#cat should avoid calling unecessary getFileStatus before opening a file to read
[HADOOP-6572] RPC responses may be out-of-order with respect to SASL
[HADOOP-6577] IPC server response buffer reset threshold should be configurable
[HADOOP-6578] Configuration should trim whitespace around a lot of value types
[HADOOP-6599] Split RPC metrics into summary and detailed metrics
[HADOOP-6609] Deadlock in DFSClient#getBlockLocations even with the security disabled
[HADOOP-6613] RPC server should check for version mismatch first
[HADOOP-6627] "Bad Connection to FS" message in FSShell should print message from the exception
[HADOOP-6631] FileUtil.fullyDelete() should continue to delete other files despite failure at any level.
[HADOOP-6634] AccessControlList uses full-principal names to verify acls causing queue-acls to fail
[HADOOP-6637] Benchmark overhead of RPC session establishment
[HADOOP-6640] FileSystem.get() does RPC retries within a static synchronized block
[HADOOP-6644] util.Shell getGROUPS_FOR_USER_COMMAND method name - should use common naming convention
[HADOOP-6649] login object in UGI should be inside the subject
[HADOOP-6652] ShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping shouldn't have a cache
[HADOOP-6653] NullPointerException in setupSaslConnection when browsing directories
[HADOOP-6663] BlockDecompressorStream get EOF exception when decompressing the file compressed from empty file
[HADOOP-6667] RPC.waitForProxy should retry through NoRouteToHostException
[HADOOP-6669] zlib.compress.level ignored for DefaultCodec initialization
[HADOOP-6670] UserGroupInformation doesn't support use in hash tables
[HADOOP-6674] Performance Improvement in Secure RPC
[HADOOP-6687] user object in the subject in UGI should be reused in case of a relogin.
[HADOOP-6701] Incorrect exit codes for "dfs -chown", "dfs -chgrp"
[HADOOP-6706] Relogin behavior for RPC clients could be improved
[HADOOP-6710] Symbolic umask for file creation is not consistent with posix
[HADOOP-6714] FsShell 'hadoop fs -text' does not support compression codecs
[HADOOP-6718] Client does not close connection when an exception happens during SASL negotiation
[HADOOP-6722] NetUtils.connect should check that it hasn't connected a socket to itself
[HADOOP-6723] unchecked exceptions thrown in IPC Connection orphan clients
[HADOOP-6724] IPC doesn't properly handle IOEs thrown by socket factory
[HADOOP-6745] adding some java doc to Server.RpcMetrics, UGI
[HADOOP-6757] NullPointerException for hadoop clients launched from streaming tasks
[HADOOP-6760] WebServer shouldn't increase port number in case of negative port setting caused by Jetty's race
[HADOOP-6762] exception while doing RPC I/O closes channel
[HADOOP-6776] UserGroupInformation.createProxyUser's javadoc is broken
[HADOOP-6813] Add a new newInstance method in FileSystem that takes a "user" as argument
[HADOOP-6815] refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration should use server side configuration for the refresh
[HADOOP-6818] Provide a JNI-based implementation of GroupMappingServiceProvider
[HADOOP-6832] Provide a web server plugin that uses a static user for the web UI
[HADOOP-6833] IPC leaks call parameters when exceptions thrown
[HADOOP-6859] Introduce additional statistics to FileSystem
[HADOOP-6864] Provide a JNI-based implementation of ShellBasedUnixGroupsNetgroupMapping (implementation of GroupMappingServiceProvider)
[HADOOP-6881] The efficient comparators aren't always used except for BytesWritable and Text
[HADOOP-6899] RawLocalFileSystem#setWorkingDir() does not work for relative names
[HADOOP-6907] Rpc client doesn't use the per-connection conf to figure out server's Kerberos principal
[HADOOP-6925] BZip2Codec incorrectly implements read()
[HADOOP-6928] Fix BooleanWritable comparator in 0.20
[HADOOP-6943] The GroupMappingServiceProvider interface should be public
[HADOOP-6950] Suggest that HADOOP_CLASSPATH should be preserved in
[HADOOP-6995] Allow wildcards to be used in ProxyUsers configurations
[HADOOP-7082] Configuration.writeXML should not hold lock while outputting
[HADOOP-7101] UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser() fails when called from non-Hadoop JAAS context
[HADOOP-7104] Remove unnecessary DNS reverse lookups from RPC layer
[HADOOP-7110] Implement chmod with JNI
[HADOOP-7114] FsShell should dump all exceptions at DEBUG level
[HADOOP-7115] Add a cache for getpwuid_r and getpwgid_r calls
[HADOOP-7118] NPE in Configuration.writeXml
[HADOOP-7122] Timed out shell commands leak Timer threads
[HADOOP-7156] getpwuid_r is not thread-safe on RHEL6
[HADOOP-7172] SecureIO should not check owner on non-secure clusters that have no native support
[HADOOP-7173] Remove unused fstat() call from NativeIO
[HADOOP-7183] WritableComparator.get should not cache comparator objects
[HADOOP-7184] Remove deprecated local.cache.size from core-default.xml

MapReduce Patches

MapR 1.2 includes the following Apache MapReduce patches that are not included in the Apache Hadoop base version 0.20.2:

[MAPREDUCE-112] Reduce Input Records and Reduce Output Records counters are not being set when using the new Mapreduce reducer API
[MAPREDUCE-118] Job.getJobID() will always return null
[MAPREDUCE-144] TaskMemoryManager should log process-tree's status while killing tasks.
[MAPREDUCE-181] Secure job submission
[MAPREDUCE-211] Provide a node health check script and run it periodically to check the node health status
[MAPREDUCE-220] Collecting cpu and memory usage for MapReduce tasks
[MAPREDUCE-270] TaskTracker could send an out-of-band heartbeat when the last running map/reduce completes
[MAPREDUCE-277] Job history counters should be avaible on the UI.
[MAPREDUCE-339] JobTracker should give preference to failed tasks over virgin tasks so as to terminate the job ASAP if it is eventually going to fail.
[MAPREDUCE-364] Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.MultiFileWordCount to use new mapreduce api.
[MAPREDUCE-369] Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.MultipleInputs to use new api.
[MAPREDUCE-370] Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.MultipleOutputs to use new api.
[MAPREDUCE-415] JobControl Job does always has an unassigned name
[MAPREDUCE-416] Move the completed jobs' history files to a DONE subdirectory inside the configured history directory
[MAPREDUCE-461] Enable ServicePlugins for the JobTracker
[MAPREDUCE-463] The job setup and cleanup tasks should be optional
[MAPREDUCE-467] Collect information about number of tasks succeeded / total per time unit for a tasktracker.
[MAPREDUCE-476] extend DistributedCache to work locally (LocalJobRunner)
[MAPREDUCE-478] separate jvm param for mapper and reducer
[MAPREDUCE-516] Fix the 'cluster drain' problem in the Capacity Scheduler wrt High RAM Jobs
[MAPREDUCE-517] The capacity-scheduler should assign multiple tasks per heartbeat
[MAPREDUCE-521] After JobTracker restart Capacity Schduler does not schedules pending tasks from already running tasks.
[MAPREDUCE-532] Allow admins of the Capacity Scheduler to set a hard-limit on the capacity of a queue
[MAPREDUCE-551] Add preemption to the fair scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-572] If #link is missing from uri format of -cacheArchive then streaming does not throw error.
[MAPREDUCE-655] Change KeyValueLineRecordReader and KeyValueTextInputFormat to use new api.
[MAPREDUCE-676] Existing diagnostic rules fail for MAP ONLY jobs
[MAPREDUCE-679] XML-based metrics as JSP servlet for JobTracker
[MAPREDUCE-680] Reuse of Writable objects is improperly handled by MRUnit
[MAPREDUCE-682] Reserved tasktrackers should be removed when a node is globally blacklisted
[MAPREDUCE-693] Conf files not moved to "done" subdirectory after JT restart
[MAPREDUCE-698] Per-pool task limits for the fair scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-706] Support for FIFO pools in the fair scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-707] Provide a jobconf property for explicitly assigning a job to a pool
[MAPREDUCE-709] node health check script does not display the correct message on timeout
[MAPREDUCE-714] JobConf.findContainingJar unescapes unnecessarily on Linux
[MAPREDUCE-716] org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.db.DBInputformat not working with oracle
[MAPREDUCE-722] More slots are getting reserved for HiRAM job tasks then required
[MAPREDUCE-732] node health check script should not log "UNHEALTHY" status for every heartbeat in INFO mode
[MAPREDUCE-734] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException observed in unreserving slots for HiRam Jobs
[MAPREDUCE-739] Allow relative paths to be created inside archives.
[MAPREDUCE-740] Provide summary information per job once a job is finished.
[MAPREDUCE-744] Support in DistributedCache to share cache files with other users after HADOOP-4493
[MAPREDUCE-754] NPE in expiry thread when a TT is lost
[MAPREDUCE-764] TypedBytesInput's readRaw() does not preserve custom type codes
[MAPREDUCE-768] Configuration information should generate dump in a standard format.
[MAPREDUCE-771] Setup and cleanup tasks remain in UNASSIGNED state for a long time on tasktrackers with long running high RAM tasks
[MAPREDUCE-782] Use PureJavaCrc32 in mapreduce spills
[MAPREDUCE-787] -files, -archives should honor user given symlink path
[MAPREDUCE-809] Job summary logs show status of completed jobs as RUNNING
[MAPREDUCE-814] Move completed Job history files to HDFS
[MAPREDUCE-817] Add a cache for retired jobs with minimal job info and provide a way to access history file url
[MAPREDUCE-825] JobClient completion poll interval of 5s causes slow tests in local mode
[MAPREDUCE-840] DBInputFormat leaves open transaction
[MAPREDUCE-842] Per-job local data on the TaskTracker node should have right access-control
[MAPREDUCE-856] Localized files from DistributedCache should have right access-control
[MAPREDUCE-871] Job/Task local files have incorrect group ownership set by LinuxTaskController binary
[MAPREDUCE-875] Make DBRecordReader execute queries lazily
[MAPREDUCE-885] More efficient SQL queries for DBInputFormat
[MAPREDUCE-890] After HADOOP-4491, the user who started mapred system is not able to run job.
[MAPREDUCE-896] Users can set non-writable permissions on temporary files for TT and can abuse disk usage.
[MAPREDUCE-899] When using LinuxTaskController, localized files may become accessible to unintended users if permissions are misconfigured.
[MAPREDUCE-927] Cleanup of task-logs should happen in TaskTracker instead of the Child
[MAPREDUCE-947] OutputCommitter should have an abortJob method
[MAPREDUCE-964] Inaccurate values in jobSummary logs
[MAPREDUCE-967] TaskTracker does not need to fully unjar job jars
[MAPREDUCE-968] NPE in distcp encountered when placing _logs directory on S3FileSystem
[MAPREDUCE-971] distcp does not always remove distcp.tmp.dir
[MAPREDUCE-1028] Cleanup tasks are scheduled using high memory configuration, leaving tasks in unassigned state.
[MAPREDUCE-1030] Reduce tasks are getting starved in capacity scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-1048] Show total slot usage in cluster summary on jobtracker webui
[MAPREDUCE-1059] distcp can generate uneven map task assignments
[MAPREDUCE-1083] Use the user-to-groups mapping service in the JobTracker
[MAPREDUCE-1085] For tasks, "ulimit -v -1" is being run when user doesn't specify mapred.child.ulimit
[MAPREDUCE-1086] hadoop commands in streaming tasks are trying to write to tasktracker's log
[MAPREDUCE-1088] JobHistory files should have narrower 0600 perms
[MAPREDUCE-1089] Fair Scheduler preemption triggers NPE when tasks are scheduled but not running
[MAPREDUCE-1090] Modify log statement in Tasktracker log related to memory monitoring to include attempt id.
[MAPREDUCE-1098] Incorrect synchronization in DistributedCache causes TaskTrackers to freeze up during localization of Cache for tasks.
[MAPREDUCE-1100] User's task-logs filling up local disks on the TaskTrackers
[MAPREDUCE-1103] Additional JobTracker metrics
[MAPREDUCE-1105] CapacityScheduler: It should be possible to set queue hard-limit beyond it's actual capacity
[MAPREDUCE-1118] Capacity Scheduler scheduling information is hard to read / should be tabular format
[MAPREDUCE-1131] Using profilers other than hprof can cause JobClient to report job failure
[MAPREDUCE-1140] Per cache-file refcount can become negative when tasks release distributed-cache files
[MAPREDUCE-1143] runningMapTasks counter is not properly decremented in case of failed Tasks.
[MAPREDUCE-1155] Streaming tests swallow exceptions
[MAPREDUCE-1158] running_maps is not decremented when the tasks of a job is killed/failed
[MAPREDUCE-1160] Two log statements at INFO level fill up jobtracker logs
[MAPREDUCE-1171] Lots of fetch failures
[MAPREDUCE-1178] MultipleInputs fails with ClassCastException
[MAPREDUCE-1185] URL to JT webconsole for running job and job history should be the same
[MAPREDUCE-1186] While localizing a DistributedCache file, TT sets permissions recursively on the whole base-dir
[MAPREDUCE-1196] MAPREDUCE-947 incompatibly changed FileOutputCommitter
[MAPREDUCE-1198] Alternatively schedule different types of tasks in fair share scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-1213] TaskTrackers restart is very slow because it deletes distributed cache directory synchronously
[MAPREDUCE-1219] JobTracker Metrics causes undue load on JobTracker
[MAPREDUCE-1221] Kill tasks on a node if the free physical memory on that machine falls below a configured threshold
[MAPREDUCE-1231] Distcp is very slow
[MAPREDUCE-1250] Refactor job token to use a common token interface
[MAPREDUCE-1258] Fair scheduler event log not logging job info
[MAPREDUCE-1285] DistCp cannot handle -delete if destination is local filesystem
[MAPREDUCE-1288] DistributedCache localizes only once per cache URI
[MAPREDUCE-1293] AutoInputFormat doesn't work with non-default FileSystems
[MAPREDUCE-1302] TrackerDistributedCacheManager can delete file asynchronously
[MAPREDUCE-1304] Add counters for task time spent in GC
[MAPREDUCE-1307] Introduce the concept of Job Permissions
[MAPREDUCE-1313] NPE in FieldFormatter if escape character is set and field is null
[MAPREDUCE-1316] JobTracker holds stale references to retired jobs via unreported tasks
[MAPREDUCE-1342] Potential JT deadlock in faulty TT tracking
[MAPREDUCE-1354] Incremental enhancements to the JobTracker for better scalability
[MAPREDUCE-1372] ConcurrentModificationException in JobInProgress
[MAPREDUCE-1378] Args in job details links on jobhistory.jsp are not URL encoded
[MAPREDUCE-1382] MRAsyncDiscService should tolerate missing local.dir
[MAPREDUCE-1397] NullPointerException observed during task failures
[MAPREDUCE-1398] TaskLauncher remains stuck on tasks waiting for free nodes even if task is killed.
[MAPREDUCE-1399] The archive command shows a null error message
[MAPREDUCE-1403] Save file-sizes of each of the artifacts in DistributedCache in the JobConf
[MAPREDUCE-1421] LinuxTaskController tests failing on trunk after the commit of MAPREDUCE-1385
[MAPREDUCE-1422] Changing permissions of files/dirs under job-work-dir may be needed sothat cleaning up of job-dir in all mapred-local-directories succeeds always
[MAPREDUCE-1423] Improve performance of CombineFileInputFormat when multiple pools are configured
[MAPREDUCE-1425] archive throws OutOfMemoryError
[MAPREDUCE-1435] symlinks in cwd of the task are not handled properly after MAPREDUCE-896
[MAPREDUCE-1436] Deadlock in preemption code in fair scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-1440] MapReduce should use the short form of the user names
[MAPREDUCE-1441] Configuration of directory lists should trim whitespace
[MAPREDUCE-1442] StackOverflowError when JobHistory parses a really long line
[MAPREDUCE-1443] DBInputFormat can leak connections
[MAPREDUCE-1454] The servlets should quote server generated strings sent in the response
[MAPREDUCE-1455] Authorization for servlets
[MAPREDUCE-1457] For secure job execution, couple of more UserGroupInformation.doAs needs to be added
[MAPREDUCE-1464] In JobTokenIdentifier change method getUsername to getUser which returns UGI
[MAPREDUCE-1466] FileInputFormat should save #input-files in JobConf
[MAPREDUCE-1476] committer.needsTaskCommit should not be called for a task cleanup attempt
[MAPREDUCE-1480] CombineFileRecordReader does not properly initialize child RecordReader
[MAPREDUCE-1493] Authorization for job-history pages
[MAPREDUCE-1503] Push HADOOP-6551 into MapReduce
[MAPREDUCE-1505] Cluster class should create the rpc client only when needed
[MAPREDUCE-1521] Protection against incorrectly configured reduces
[MAPREDUCE-1522] FileInputFormat may change the file system of an input path
[MAPREDUCE-1526] Cache the job related information while submitting the job , this would avoid many RPC calls to JobTracker.
[MAPREDUCE-1533] Reduce or remove usage of String.format() usage in CapacityTaskScheduler.updateQSIObjects and Counters.makeEscapedString()
[MAPREDUCE-1538] TrackerDistributedCacheManager can fail because the number of subdirectories reaches system limit
[MAPREDUCE-1543] Log messages of JobACLsManager should use security logging of HADOOP-6586
[MAPREDUCE-1545] Add 'first-task-launched' to job-summary
[MAPREDUCE-1550] UGI.doAs should not be used for getting the history file of jobs
[MAPREDUCE-1563] Task diagnostic info would get missed sometimes.
[MAPREDUCE-1570] Shuffle stage - Key and Group Comparators
[MAPREDUCE-1607] Task controller may not set permissions for a task cleanup attempt's log directory
[MAPREDUCE-1609] TaskTracker.localizeJob should not set permissions on job log directory recursively
[MAPREDUCE-1611] Refresh nodes and refresh queues doesnt work with service authorization enabled
[MAPREDUCE-1612] job conf file is not accessible from job history web page
[MAPREDUCE-1621] Streaming's TextOutputReader.getLastOutput throws NPE if it has never read any output
[MAPREDUCE-1635] ResourceEstimator does not work after MAPREDUCE-842
[MAPREDUCE-1641] Job submission should fail if same uri is added for mapred.cache.files and mapred.cache.archives
[MAPREDUCE-1656] JobStory should provide queue info.
[MAPREDUCE-1657] After task logs directory is deleted, tasklog servlet displays wrong error message about job ACLs
[MAPREDUCE-1664] Job Acls affect Queue Acls
[MAPREDUCE-1680] Add a metrics to track the number of heartbeats processed
[MAPREDUCE-1682] Tasks should not be scheduled after tip is killed/failed.
[MAPREDUCE-1683] Remove JNI calls from ClusterStatus cstr
[MAPREDUCE-1699] JobHistory shouldn't be disabled for any reason
[MAPREDUCE-1707] TaskRunner can get NPE in getting ugi from TaskTracker
[MAPREDUCE-1716] Truncate logs of finished tasks to prevent node thrash due to excessive logging
[MAPREDUCE-1733] Authentication between pipes processes and java counterparts.
[MAPREDUCE-1734] Un-deprecate the old MapReduce API in the 0.20 branch
[MAPREDUCE-1744] DistributedCache creates its own FileSytem instance when adding a file/archive to the path
[MAPREDUCE-1754] Replace mapred.persmissions.supergroup with an acl : mapreduce.cluster.administrators
[MAPREDUCE-1759] Exception message for unauthorized user doing killJob, killTask, setJobPriority needs to be improved
[MAPREDUCE-1778] CompletedJobStatusStore initialization should fail if {mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.dir} is unwritable
[MAPREDUCE-1784] IFile should check for null compressor
[MAPREDUCE-1785] Add streaming config option for not emitting the key
[MAPREDUCE-1832] Support for file sizes less than 1MB in DFSIO benchmark.
[MAPREDUCE-1845] FairScheduler.tasksToPeempt() can return negative number
[MAPREDUCE-1850] Include job submit host information (name and ip) in jobconf and jobdetails display
[MAPREDUCE-1853] MultipleOutputs does not cache TaskAttemptContext
[MAPREDUCE-1868] Add read timeout on userlog pull
[MAPREDUCE-1872] Re-think (user|queue) limits on (tasks|jobs) in the CapacityScheduler
[MAPREDUCE-1887] MRAsyncDiskService does not properly absolutize volume root paths
[MAPREDUCE-1900] MapReduce daemons should close FileSystems that are not needed anymore
[MAPREDUCE-1914] TrackerDistributedCacheManager never cleans its input directories
[MAPREDUCE-1938] Ability for having user's classes take precedence over the system classes for tasks' classpath
[MAPREDUCE-1960] Limit the size of jobconf.
[MAPREDUCE-1961] ConcurrentModificationException when shutting down Gridmix
[MAPREDUCE-1985] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in analysejobhistory.jsp of jobs with 0 maps
[MAPREDUCE-2023] TestDFSIO read test may not read specified bytes.
[MAPREDUCE-2082] Race condition in writing the jobtoken password file when launching pipes jobs
[MAPREDUCE-2096] Secure local filesystem IO from symlink vulnerabilities
[MAPREDUCE-2103] task-controller shouldn't require o-r permissions
[MAPREDUCE-2157] safely handle InterruptedException and interrupted status in MR code
[MAPREDUCE-2178] Race condition in LinuxTaskController permissions handling
[MAPREDUCE-2219] JT should not try to remove mapred.system.dir during startup
[MAPREDUCE-2234] If Localizer can't create task log directory, it should fail on the spot
[MAPREDUCE-2235] JobTracker "over-synchronization" makes it hang up in certain cases
[MAPREDUCE-2242] LinuxTaskController doesn't properly escape environment variables
[MAPREDUCE-2253] Servlets should specify content type
[MAPREDUCE-2256] FairScheduler fairshare preemption from multiple pools may preempt all tasks from one pool causing that pool to go below fairshare.
[MAPREDUCE-2289] Permissions race can make getStagingDir fail on local filesystem
[MAPREDUCE-2321] TT should fail to start on secure cluster when SecureIO isn't available
[MAPREDUCE-2323] Add metrics to the fair scheduler
[MAPREDUCE-2328] memory-related configurations missing from mapred-default.xml
[MAPREDUCE-2332] Improve error messages when MR dirs on local FS have bad ownership
[MAPREDUCE-2351] mapred.job.tracker.history.completed.location should support an arbitrary filesystem URI
[MAPREDUCE-2353] Make the MR changes to reflect the API changes in SecureIO library
[MAPREDUCE-2356] A task succeeded even though there were errors on all attempts.
[MAPREDUCE-2364] Shouldn't hold lock on rjob while localizing resources.
[MAPREDUCE-2366] TaskTracker can't retrieve stdout and stderr from web UI
[MAPREDUCE-2371] TaskLogsTruncater does not need to check log ownership when running as Child
[MAPREDUCE-2372] TaskLogAppender mechanism shouldn't be set in
[MAPREDUCE-2373] When tasks exit with a nonzero exit status, task runner should log the stderr as well as stdout
[MAPREDUCE-2374] Should not use PrintWriter to write
[MAPREDUCE-2377] task-controller fails to parse configuration if it doesn't end in \n
[MAPREDUCE-2379] Distributed cache sizing configurations are missing from mapred-default.xml