Release Notes : Version 1.2 Release Notes

General Information

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New in This Release

Dial Home

Dial Home is a feature that collects information about the cluster for MapR support and engineering. You can opt in or out of Dial Home feature when you first install or upgrade MapR. To change the Dial Home status of your cluster at any time, see the Dial Home commands.

Rolling Upgrade

The script performs a software upgrade of an entire MapR cluster. See Upgrade Guide for details.

Improvements to the Support Tools

The script has been enhanced to generate and gather support output from specified cluster nodes into a single output file via MapR-FS. To support this feature, has a new option:

-O, --online

Specifies a space-separated list of nodes from which to gather support output.

There is now a "mini-dump" option for both and to limit the size of the support output. When the m or -mini-dump option is specified along with a size, collects only a head and tail, each limited to the specified size, from any log file that is larger than twice the specified size. The total size of the output is therefore limited to approximately 2 * size * number of logs. The size can be specified in bytes, or using the following suffixes:

  • b - blocks (512 bytes)
  • k - kilobytes (1024 bytes)
  • m - megabytes (1024 kilobytes)

-m, --mini-dump <size>

For any log file greater than 2 * <size>, collects only a head and tail each of the specified size. The <size> may have a suffix specifying units:

  • b - blocks (512 bytes)
  • k - kilobytes (1024 bytes)
  • m - megabytes (1024 kilobytes)

MapR Virtual Machine

The MapR Virtual Machine is a fully-functional single-node Hadoop cluster capable of running MapReduce programs and working with applications like Hive, Pig, and HBase. You can try the MapR Virtual Machine on nearly any 64-bit computer by downloading the free VMware Player.

Windows 7 Client

Windows 7 version of the MapR Client is now available. The MapR client lets you interact with MapR Hadoop directly. With the MapR client, you can submit Map/Reduce jobs and run hadoop fs and hadoop mfs commands.

Resolved Issues

Known Issues

(Issue 5590)

When mapr-core is upgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.2, /opt/mapr/bin/ is updated to contain hbase-version 0.90.4, even if HBase has not been upgraded. This can create problems for any process that uses to determine the correct version of HBase. After upgrading to Version 1.2, check that the version of HBase specified in is correct.

(Issue 5489) HBase nodes require during rolling upgrade

When performing an upgrade to MapR 1.2, the HBase package is upgraded from version 0.90.2 to 0.90.4, and it is necessary to run on any nodes that are running the HBase region server or HBase master.

(Issue 4269) Bulk operations

The MapR Control System provides both a checkbox and a Select All link for selecting all alarms, nodes, snapshots, or volumes matching a filter, even if there are too many results to display on a single screen. However, the following operations can only be performed on individually selected results, or results selected using the Select Visible link at the bottom of the MapR Control System screen:

  • Volumes - Edit Volumes
  • Volumes - Remove Volumes
  • Volumes - New Snapshot
  • Volumes - Unmount
  • Mirror Volumes - Edit Volumes
  • Mirror Volumes - Remove Volumes
  • Mirror Volumes - Unmount
  • User Disk Usage - Edit
  • Snapshots - Remove
  • Snapshots - Preserve
  • Node Alarms - Change Topology
  • Nodes - Change Topology
  • Volume Alarms - Edit
  • Volume Alarms - Unmount
  • Volume Alarms - Remove
  • User/Group Alarms - Edit

In order to perform these operations on a large number of alarms, nodes, snapshots, or volumes, it is necessary to select each screenful of results using Select Visible and perform the operation before selecting the next screenful of results.

(Issue 3122) Mirroring with fsck-repaired volume

If a source or mirror volume is repaired with fsck then the source and mirror volumes can go out of sync. It is necessary to perform a full mirror operation with volume mirror start -full true to bring them back in sync. Similarly, when creating a dump file from a volume that has been repaired with fsck, use -full true on the volume dump create command.

(Issue 10598)

When a node's IP number is reassigned to another node, remote procedure calls are misdirected to the wrong node. This can result in widespread errors affecting any system that use the RPC binding layer, including container resync operations that never finish or the creation of several superfluous containers. Restart the cluster to clear this condition.

(Issue 11389)

If you use the latest version of any browser to view the MCS, the CLDB, HBase, JobTracker, and job log pages do not load when you click on the respective links. As a workaround, use the following instructions to disable mixed-content-blocking in your browser:
Internet Explorer
Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click Show all content. The page refreshes and displays mixed content. 

Mozilla Firefox

  1. At the top of the page, to the left of the address bar, click  (the shield icon).
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, click the down arrow next to "Keep Blocking", and select Disable Protection on This Page. The page refreshes and displays mixed content. The shield icon is replaced with a warning symbol to indicate that the page is displaying both secure and non-secure items.

Google Chrome

  1. Click  (the shield icon) on the right side of the address bar.
  2. In the icon dialog box, click Load anyway. The page refreshes and displays mixed content. The URL in the address bar shows https crossed out to indicate that the page is displaying both secure and non-secure items.


MapR-1.2.pdf (application/pdf)