POSIX Clients

The MapR File System supports direct and secure access to data using loopback NFS or FUSE-based POSIX clients.

The loopbacknfs POSIX client allows app servers, web servers, and other client nodes and apps to read and write data directly and securely to a MapR cluster, with transmitted data compressed in both directions. The MapR single-user mapr-loopbacknfs licenses gives secure access to one or more clusters, which allows native client applications to run securely on cluster data.

The FUSE-based POSIX basic and platinum clients run as a userspace process to connect to one or more MapR clusters and allow app servers, web servers, and applications to read and write data directly and securely to the MapR clusters like a Linux filesystem. Each client implies a specific MapR filesystem throughput optimization of n/G per second.

Both loopbacknfs and FUSE-based POSIX clients can be installed on supported Linux and Ubuntu distributions and require direct network access to all MapR cluster nodes. They connect to the MapR cluster directly (no NFS gateway) to read and write data securely.

See the MapR NFS, HDFS & POSIX Community Site for additional information.