Dataware for data-driven transformation

Kubernetes for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI

Machine learning (ML) has almost become an essential skill in every organization. Building AI systems or use-cases isn't trivial though. With the plethora of toolkits, technologies and platforms available, machine learning engineers (MLEs) and data scientists are constantly struggling to keep up with the business needs of their organization. Moreover, once an application is developed, deploying it to production is a whole other ballgame. This eBook introduces the reader on the following:

  • ML, training, deep learning, and the processes of developing machine-learning applications and deploying them.
  • Kubernetes and the world of pods and containers, as they relate to making ML application development easier.
  • The concept of Persistent volumes of storage as an innovative technique introduced by MapR.
  • The MapR Data Platform and the rest of the Kubernetes ML/DL ecosystem of technologies.
  • Case Studies: and OpenAI


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