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MapR Streams Partner Quotes

The addition of MapR Streams creates the industry’s first and only converged data platform. Read what leading technology partners have to say about the new global event streaming system:

"The combination of Apache Flink with MapR Streams delivers native, real-time stream processing in a scalable, enterprise-grade data processing environment. With the MapR Converged Data Platform, joint customers can benefit from a globally scalable messaging system and a modern true stream processing platform for their real-time analytic needs."

-- Kostas Tzoumas, Co-founder & CEO, data Artisans

"MapR has fully embraced Apache Spark, and now with the scale, performance and flexibility delivered by MapR Streams, the solution is a great complement to Spark Streaming. We look forward to our continued partnership with MapR and to offering our joint customers a powerful, converged data platform that simplifies the management of data in motion regardless of its source, location and format."

-- Kavitha Mariappan, Vice President of Marketing, Databricks

"Organizations running IoT and big data applications require an enterprise-ready fault tolerant, high performance, no data loss platform. The new MapR Streams, as part of the MapR Converged Data Platform, elevates the MapR platform to a globally distributed, persistent messaging system. The combination of Apache Apex with the MapR converged platform delivers an easy to use, end-to-end streaming analytics solution capable of processing billions of events per second for real-time analytics in mission-critical production environments."

-- Charu Madan, Director, Business Development, DataTorrent

"We applaud MapR for addressing the enterprise need for a converged platform focused on the growing importance of data-in-motion. MapR customers will be able to leverage the integration with StreamSets Data Collector to easily manage the performance of their data flows in and out of MapR Streams. StreamSets looks forward to continued collaboration with MapR to help their enterprise customers mature their streaming data operations and deliver reliable real-time business analytics."

-- Arvind Prabhakar, CTO, StreamSets

"The demand for a reliable, globally scalable streaming system for real-time analytics is increasing in industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail and telecommunications. Syncsort’s integration with the MapR Converged Data Platform and extended support for MapR Streams will make it easy to bring diverse data sets into Spark, so that users experience an easy-to-use solution to subscribe, transform, enrich and distribute enterprise-wide data. With these advancements, we are working with MapR to deliver a powerful streaming ETL and Internet of Things data integration solution."

-- Tendü Yoğurtçu, General Manager, Big Data Business, Syncsort

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