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MapR Authorized Resellers (VARs)

Value added resellers offer the MapR Data Platform with complimentary infrastructure, applications, and services to deliver integrated "turn-key" solutions to customers.


Authorized Reseller Benefits

  • Converge Big Data Workloads: Align your organization with the Industry's Leading Data Platform for AI and Analytics to add differentiated value to your customers.
  • Free Training / Certification: Quickly enable your entire team with free and discounted training offerings designed to meet the needs of administrators and developers.
  • Generous Margins and Deal Registration: MapR offers a recurring revenue stream and generous margins via deal registration.
  • Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Support: As part of your commitment to MapR, our team will fully support and engage your team in sales and marketing activities to ensure your success.
  • Much More... See additional Benefits | Download Partner Program Guide

Authorized Reseller Requirements

To be considered an Authorized MapR Reseller, you must:

  • Have an active big data practice
  • Maintain a minimum of 2+ staff members that are fully trained and certified with MapR
  • Have an outbound sales organization and practice a face-to-face selling model
  • Sell complimentary products and services—adding value to customers
  • Must be an existing MapR Partner

Please note: The MapR Partner Program Application is the first step in becoming an Authorized MapR Reseller. A separate Reseller Agreement will need to be completed/approved once you have met the baseline training and certification requirements listed above.

Apply today to take the first step in becoming an Authorized Reseller.

Program Achievement Levels

MapR Partners provides achievement levels within each of the three Partner categories. The Partner program uses a three-tier system, providing Partners with opportunities to achieve higher levels of partnership by meeting specified program requirements in a specific time frame. The required time varies within each partner category. Benefits vary depending on the partner achievement level. The partnership investments are aligned to programs and market opportunities:

MapR achievement levels
  • Elite - The Elite level is the highest achievement level within the program. An Elite Partner demonstrates a proven track record with MapR, a very high degree of business synergy, and has significant presence in multiple geographies. Elite Partners are global leaders in providing industry standards and have worldwide coverage. Partners at this level are assigned a named account manager with executive involvement, and enjoy a substantial commitment from MapR. Partnership at this level is by invitation only.

  • Preferred - Preferred level Partners provide industry-leading solutions to customers, and are committed to doing significant business with MapR. Partners at this level are established Partners with regional practices and have mature industry value-add and solution sets. Partner requirements are higher than the requirements at the Affiliate level.

  • Affiliate - The Affiliate level enables new Partners to begin their partnership with MapR and enables existing Partners to further develop their MapR business and demonstrate industry expertise. Partners at this level are required to meet minimum program guidelines to establish a relationship with MapR.