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Partner Academy

MapR provides valuable learning resources and certification exams for MapR Partners through the MapR Academy. Learning opportunities range from pre-sales to technical deep dives. Instructor-led MapR bootcamps are also available. MapR partners are encouraged to get certified in one or more of five areas.

Get Training On-Demand

MapR Academy contains dozens of interactive, on-demand courses for Administrators, Developers, and Analysts, as well as general introductions to big data topics, targeted to all users. Start with the Essentials courses and drill down into advanced courses. Most tracks conclude with a professional level certification that is available to partners at a discount. |

Get Certified

With training and hands-on experience under your belt it’s time to get certified and show the world your professional excellence with MapR. Certifications are available in Administration, Development (Hadoop, HBase, and Spark), and Data Analysis. As a MapR Partner you may qualify for discount certification. See for more details.

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