MapR AI Edge Program

For NVIDIA Inception Startup members


The MapR AI Edge Program provides a free MapR enterprise license to NVIDIA Inception Startup members, enabling deployment agility with data management between and across edge, cloud, and on-premises for all ML and AI products.

The AI industry is being driven by data. This includes not only the data itself, but also the data management, logistics, and scalability for storage and computation of that data. Consideration must also be given to application and model development, testing, and production environments, plus what it takes to demonstrate solutions to the customers.

MapR will enable your startup company’s product to work between and across the edge, cloud, and on-premises, so that you can focus on solving your customers’ problems. We handle data protection, data security, data movement, and other data logistics, all while providing the fastest data platform for you to build your machine learning and AI-based products. This platform includes Distributed File and Object Storage (e.g., S3), a NoSQL JSON Document Database, and the Event Store for Apache Kafka for real-time needs. The goal is to help make you successful and faster and to allow you to offer more enterprise capabilities to your customers.

Building a solution for the needs of every customer takes a tremendous amount of time and can cause a loss of focus. With the capabilities provided by the MapR Data Platform, your company can focus on building out its core competencies. We abstract away the infrastructure you use and simplify your development lifecycle. This allows one architecture to work anywhere, whether the GPUs you require to develop your software are on your laptop, workstation, or sitting in the cloud.


Get a free MapR enterprise license!

You will be able to provide more impactful demos of your product by running anywhere and being able to take advantage of the plethora of features and capabilities built into MapR. It will enable faster deployments and the ability to spotlight NVIDIA in mixed-use environments, eliminating barriers and expediting your value creation.


Get a free MapR enterprise license!

The cost of this program is free to all NVIDIA Inception Partners. We will provide you with an enterprise license of MapR, allowing you to run, anywhere and everywhere you would like, with no storage limitations for developing, testing, and demonstrating your products.


Resources made available for our partners include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting Started Materials
  • MapR On-Demand training
  • Issue resolution process documentation