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MapR OEM Partners

Leading technology companies (e.g. ISVs, IHVs) have integrated their products with the MapR platform in order to provide a wide variety of high-value, differentiated solutions.


Why choose Powered by MapR as your embedded big data solution?

  • Increase profitability across your businesses – drive new business lines for topline growth and reduce costs
  • New platform to access all data under management and address new revenue streams previously untapped
  • Ensure longevity of application design by increasing your data significance and value of applications
  • Eliminate integration and design complexity with lower TCO
  • Lower the risk of application obsolescence

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MapR Data Platform

Program Achievement Levels

MapR Partners provides achievement levels within each of the three Partner categories. The Partner program uses a three-tier system, providing Partners with opportunities to achieve higher levels of partnership by meeting specified program requirements in a specific time frame. The required time varies within each partner category. Benefits vary depending on the partner achievement level. The partnership investments are aligned to programs and market opportunities:

MapR achievement levels
  • Elite - The Elite level is the highest achievement level within the program. An Elite Partner demonstrates a proven track record with MapR, a very high degree of business synergy, and has significant presence in multiple geographies. Elite Partners are global leaders in providing industry standards and have worldwide coverage. Partners at this level are assigned a named account manager with executive involvement, and enjoy a substantial commitment from MapR. Partnership at this level is by invitation only.

  • Preferred - Preferred level Partners provide industry-leading solutions to customers, and are committed to doing significant business with MapR. Partners at this level are established Partners with regional practices and have mature industry value-add and solution sets. Partner requirements are higher than the requirements at the Affiliate level.

  • Affiliate - The Affiliate level enables new Partners to begin their partnership with MapR and enables existing Partners to further develop their MapR business and demonstrate industry expertise. Partners at this level are required to meet minimum program guidelines to establish a relationship with MapR.