Ab Initio

Using Ab Initio software on the MapR Converged Data Platform can dramatically benefit companies looking for high return on investment, low risk, rapid development cycles, and one consistent framework for enterprise-wide data processing.

Ab Initio’s fully integrated graphical development model is the product of over twenty years of continuous refinement. It provides users with a stable, robust environment that allows them to take full advantage of the power that the MapR Converged Data Platform offers. Ab Initio makes it possible to build Hadoop-based systems in a fraction of the time required for traditional software development, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Ab Initio’s complete solution for reading, writing, processing, and querying big data on the Converged Data Platform provides massive scalability, an intuitive graphical platform, the ability to access data located throughout the enterprise, and a completely integrated product suite.

For more information, visit https://www.abinitio.com/en/