Aeverie Inc.

Aeverie is building a platform for enterprise data & network analytics named GRACE. Aeverie is a highly adaptable state of the art data analytics platform built from the ground up to deliver actionable insights on your data on any device anytime anywhere. Actions are delivered in real time using best in class, smart visualization interface and mobility enablement. Hyperscale computing Aeverie platform enables scalability, flexibility, and reliability to maximize your ROI.

GRACE platform is focused in providing solutions in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Data Systems (near term focused on solutions built around existing SAP installations) Enterprise Data Networking (Software defined networking, Network Function Virtualization, Network Security, (IoT) internet of things) Our focus is on developing large scale analytics layer targeting following areas: Machine Learning/Deep-Learning /Neural Networks Relevance, Inference, Natural Language Processing Topic Modeling, Prediction, Optimization, Meta Learning Data Mining

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