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Attunity Replicate

Attunity Replicate empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, ingest and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and data platforms. Used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Attunity Replicate moves your data easily, securely and efficiently with minimal operational impact.

Accelerated Data Ingest for the MapR Converged Data Platform

Attunity solutions are certified by MapR. Working together, Attunity and MapR are accelerating the journey to the MapR Converged Platform by enabling you to migrate data more efficiently.

Using Attunity Replicate with the MapR Converged Platform, you can:

  • Automatically Ingest Data – using an intuitive “drag-and-drop” user interface, Attunity Replicate automatically loads data efficiently into and out of Hadoop without requiring specialized developers
  • Continuously Refresh Data – Attunity Replicate uses change data capture (CDC) and in- memory transaction streaming technologies to deliver fresh data continuously
  • Achieve Real-time Analytics – by delivering captured data changes in real-time to Hadoop, Kafka or the MapR Converged Data Platform, Attunity Replicate makes real-time analytics achievable – proving new insights into the business

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