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Headquartered in Holmdel, NJ, Avlino Inc. was founded in 2013 by a team with more than 100 years of collective experience. The founders had previously founded Altior Inc - pioneering Hadoop acceleration. Altior was successfully acquired by Exar (NYSE: EXAR).

Avlino's Mission:
Develop and market software that can enhance Big Data Analytics performance by 2-5X.

Acelero Technology:
Avlino pioneered a new Data Engineering and Management software, called Acelero, which comprises of patent pending technologies related to Data Sorting, Parallel Processing, Adaptive Caching, and Prediction algorithms for Big Data Applications.

Acelero Software:
Acelero software improves performance of Batch Processing Map-Reduce jobs by 200-400%. and is particularly suited for ETL, ELT, Machine Learning jobs.

Acelero is completely transparent - no code or data workflow changes are required, and is fully compatible with MapR and other Hadoop distributions. Acelero is enabled and managed by a simple configuration parameter.

Acelero (MapReduce Accelerator):

Avlino’s Acelero software is a plugin accelerator module for MapReduce jobs.
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For more information, visit //www.avlino.com