Axxera Inc.

Axxera is uniquely positioned to safeguard the electronic presence of today’s corporations. Axxera’s Central Intelligence (CI) based one integrated solution provides a one stop Compliance and Information Security Management solution to Government, Enterprise, Healthcare, Financial Institutions etc.

Axxera Managed Security Services delivers the expertise, tools and infrastructure you need to secure your information assets from Internet attacks 24/7/365, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources. Axxera’s CI proprietary Integrated SIEM technology platform enables detailed processing of every event on your network followed by advanced correlation and reporting for faster threat identification and mitigation. Axxera Integrated SIEM Product provides a comprehensive solution and its sensors integrate with over 250 various security products, with built in Ticketing system, Portal, Console, Business Intelligence reporting, resulting in significantly reduced implementation time.

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