BDI Systems

BDI offers end to end BI & Big Data Analytics built on Hadoop, Spark, HANA or any RDBMS. Founded by Business Objects veterans in 2008, the company has served around 600 global clients and has created a BI & Big Data framework to give high end Business Visualization in HTML5 as well as Flash. After serving for 13 yrs in BI market and with the advent of Big Data and Hadoop based infrastructure, today's analytic companies need to setup Big Data Engineering lab with engineers knowing the optimal methods to deal with large amount of data, create right set of analytics by applying right algorithm or writing queries. Finally one need a strong BI Visualization framework or tool where charts or reports showing the output of different algorithms on all devices. With vertical SMEs, Big Data Engineers, Data Scientists and BI Visualization experts all available, BDI uses its Big Data framework to give high end ROI giving Analytics built in a short duration at a lowest possible cost.

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