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BeagleData is invested by Edward Tian, Father of China Broad Band, and Jerry Yang, co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc. Beagledata is the representative corporation of Beijing Future Cloud Project. As the General Secretary and Board of Committee, BeagleData has joined the China Cloud Business Alliance, Zhongguancun BigData Business Alliance, Zhongguancun & Binhai BigData Business Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance, Shanghai BigData Business Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance, and the Strategy Partner of State Statistics Bureau, etc. We’ve obtained diversified implementation cases in various industries including Telecom, Finance, Radio Film, Television and government, etc. We have taken the lead in Banking Full Data Processing on Hadoop Platform as well as built up an unite database and stream data platform which can support 30 billion records per day. Beagledata is entitled by GigaOM BigData Pioneer commentary as one of the most influential corporations changing China cloud computing industry, which is reported by CCTV as Industrial Creative and Innovative Model.

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