MapR and Cisco:
Performance at Scale for Big Data

Take Full Advantage of Your Structured and Unstructured Data


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MapR and Cisco

Together, MapR and Cisco enable organizations to extract valuable insights from their data—quickly and efficiently. Our solutions combine to enable easy scalability and record-breaking speeds. Our partnership can help you maximize the value of data throughout your organization.

Maximize the value of data throughout your business. On a single platform with unmatched performance, simplified control, and superior flexibility. MapR XD and Cisco UCS.

Analyze petabytes of information with record-breaking speeds and unmatched performance.

Reduce management efforts with workload automation and leverage familiar, industry-standard tools to increase productivity.

Easily scale your storage and compute investments.

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Top Five Ways Cisco and MapR Accelerate Your Digital Journey

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Inside View - How a Cisco and MapR Solution Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

Solutions Brief

Implementing Edge-to-Cloud Data Fabric with Cisco UCS and the MapR XD Data Platform

Accelerate Performance

Rapidly organize and store data to drive business insight.

  • Process, store, and ingest data faster than any other solution
  • Handle more bandwidth with low latency
  • Eliminate downtime and data loss automatically

Simplify Management

Streamline and accelerate infrastructure deployment and management.

  • Reduce administrative overhead associated with big data
  • Leverage common industry tools for easier execution and increased efficiency
  • Maintain security and compliance standards when handling sensitive data

Scale Effortlessly

Extend functionality and features when needed.

  • Expand and adapt easily to changing business and data needs
  • Minimize total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment
  • Implement and grow business-critical use cases with big data

Why Cisco and MapR?

  • Together, Cisco and MapR rank 1 and 4 for best 1-TB results in the TPCx-HS transaction processing and database benchmarks. We also rank 1, 2, and 5 for 10-TB results.
  • Cisco UCS M5 servers, utilizing the Intel™ Xeon processor, can provide world-record-setting performance:
    • 86% better performance
    • 50% better SAP Sales and Distribution performance
    • 78% faster Java application performance
  • Save money by assigning specific jobs and data to specialized nodes and optimizing hardware use. Using Cisco UCS clusters and MapR XD volumes, you can run different types of storage in the data lake to reduce costs and increase performance. MapR XD and Cisco UCS can utilize your existing investments in NVMe technology, solid state disk, and PCIE flash storage.
  • Cisco UCS enables significant time and cost savings:
    • 62% reduction in management costs
    • 83% reduction in provisioning time
    • 78% reduction in cables/switches with UCS
  • With advanced features, such as an optimized shuffle algorithm, direct access to disk, built-in compression, and a framework written entirely in C++, the MapR XD and Cisco platform overcomes bottlenecks in traditional architectures, processing 25% more data in 10% of the time.
  • The MapR Converged Data Platform and Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure joint solution processes, stores, and ingests data faster than any other solution. Cisco UCS M5 servers, utilizing the Intel® Xeon® processor, provide industry-leading performance.
  • Plus, the joint MapR XD on Cisco UCS solution handles data-intensive streaming workloads while preserving performance at scale. In fact, MapR and Cisco have set the bar for performance at scale for data-intensive streaming workloads: 2,070 streams in 12.94 milliseconds.
  • Simplify the deployment and management of the Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data with the MapR Converged Data Platform by enabling policy-driven configuration. Plus, leverage our edge-to-cloud data fabric to centralize management and enable a single, unified platform.