Simplified Management with MapR XD and Cisco UCS


Reduce administrative overhead associated with big data

Workload Automation

Save time and money with MapR XD & Cisco software that automates time-consuming tasks. Cisco UCS’s service profile functionality makes it easier to upgrade firmware. By automating this management process, Cisco UCS was able to cut firmware upgrade time from 16 hours to 2 hours for MSA.

On average, Cisco UCS reduces provisioning times by 83%.


Easily implement multi-tenancy with MapR XD Volumes. Volumes not only makes it possible to have multiple users on the same cluster, but also enables several use cases to be implemented on the same data hub. Furthermore, it provides control over the placement of back-up data, simplifying this key administrative task. MapR Data Platform offers a unique feature called Access Control Expressions (ACE), which allows end users to be give or denied access to volumes. Using this feature, Quantium was able to cut its multi-tenancy administration time by 30%.

UCS Manager

Increase visibility into the data lake with UCS Manager (UCSM). With over 60 reporting metrics available and simplified file access, UCSM helps to manage data with ease.

MapR XD Dashboard

Enable staff to view cluster health and capacity with MapR XD Dashboard. With this easy tracking feature, MapR XD greatly reduces administrative work by providing valuable insights into the functional state of your data cluster.

Leverage industry tools for easy execution

Multiple Execution Frameworks

Choose the file access framework most suited to the user’s needs thanks to the many options available from MapR. Our joint solution’s software is compatible with standards-based APIs and tools such File System (NFS/HDFS), NoSQL (JSON/HBase), Streaming (KAFKA), REST, ODBC/JDBC, SAP HANA and Linux PAM.


Provide users with maximum flexibility with six SQL technologies. Our joint solution comes with Hive, Drill, SparkSQL, Impala, and certified integration with SAP HANA Vora and Micro Focus Vertica.


SAP HANA is one of the first applications that can utilize the Cisco and MapR XD solution in the form of an SAP certified appliance. The MapR XD Data Platform serves as the storage layer and delivers NFS access to user data. The UCS Integrated Infrastructure for SAP HANA is simple to deploy, speeds time to market, and reduces operational expenses.

MapR Database

Enable the NoSQL technologies that users want. The joint solution integrates enterprise-grade NoSQL database MapR Database, as well as HBase and support of JSON API’s.

Machine-Learning Libraries

Let users make use of the machine-learning functionality they need. MapR Data Platform comes with three machine-learning and graph libraries: Mahout, MLib, and GraphX.

Maintain security and compliance standards when handling sensitive data

Job and Data Placement Control

Maintain compliance with ease by controlling sensitive data and jobs. The Volumes feature of the MapR Data Platform provides a high-level of control over the information and tasks of the data lake.

Security Ready

Secure your data with advanced features such as hardening. Our joint solution is fully compatible with Kerberos. For organizations that do not have a Kerberos infrastructure, MapR offers an integrated network authentication protocol that is simpler while providing the same security without the complexity. With out-of-the-box multi-tenancy, MapR XD enables a logical separation of data, which allows users to securely host several customers on the same cluster, without breaking compliance.

Global Mirroring orchestration offers a robust, efficient way to keep data well protected.

MapR XD Control System

Enforce quotas and policies to easily maintain compliance using the MapR XD Control System (MCS). MCS gives fine-tuned control over the rules governing each user of the cluster, and each use case being implemented in the data lake.