Superior Scalability with MapR XD and Cisco UCS


Expand and adapt easily to changing business and data needs

Quick Start Solutions

Drive immediate results from your data using the joint Cisco-MapR Quick Start Solutions (QSS). The solution provides faster time to market by deploying a fully functional, analytics-ready, and scalable infrastructure in 3-6 weeks. QSS offers four distinct options to flexibly provide the requisite data lake functionality.

Fabric Centric Design

Cisco UCS combines multiple I/O traffic into a single a high performance network for modern distributed applications that can be easily provisioned and tuned to the needs of workloads. A common control plane abstracts the underlying hardware enabling scale without complexity.

UCS Director Express

Scale in minutes rather than days or months using Cisco UCS Director. With the ability to automate the deployment of new servers, UCS Director eliminates the need for administrative intervention when adding new nodes to the data hub. This can reduce provisioning time by up to 83%.

MapR Training

Train new developers, data analysts, and administrators when needed. MapR offers online, on-demand training to close Big Data skill gaps for staff, partners, and customers; already used by 90,000+ industry professionals as of October 2017.

Cloud Platforms

Deploy the infrastructure with multiple cloud platforms. Cisco UCS comes equipped with Cisco Intercloud, which enables users to rent more availability during peak usage after having bought a base infrastructure.

MapR Data platform is built with almost no architectural limitations to achieve scale. The platform can scale to 1000s of hosts and clients across racks. Clusters can connect to each other securely and create a global data fabric across geographic locations.

MapR Direct Access NFS

Smoothly integrate with existing systems without sacrificing performance. MapR Direct Access NFS works seamlessly with existing non-Java applications.

Implement and grow business critical use cases for big data

Real-time processing

MapR & Cisco UCS offer a flexible data infrastructure than can easily be adapted to new industry applications.

Multiple Use Cases

Run several different use cases on the same infrastructure using MapR XD control features. By partitioning the cluster with Volumes, and enforcing separate quotas and policies with MCS, it is possible to implement a variety of use cases on the very same data lake.

  • Data warehouse scale
  • Mobile call data record (CDR) compliance
  • Software / Platform / Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximize return on investment (ROI)

Minimized Infrastructure Costs

Save money by assigning specific jobs and data to specialized nodes, optimizing hardware use. Using UCS clusters and MapR XD volumes, you can run different types of storage in the data lake to reduce costs and increase performance. MapR XD and Cisco UCS can utilize NVMe technology, Solid state disk and PCIE Flash storage investments.

Through efficient use of its hardware, Cisco UCS enables drastic time and cost savings:

  • 62% reduction in management costs
  • 83% reduction in provisioning time
  • 78% reduction in cables/switches with UCS

MapR Data Platform controls costs of storing data, making it more affordable than other platforms and allowing you. Spend hundreds of dollars per terabyte instead of thousands or tens of thousands.

Cisco UCS has brought considerable cost savings relative to competing infrastructure allowing organizations to focus on data applications rather than infrastructure:

  • 78% average reduction in cabling with an average cost savings of 68% based on 34 and 10 customer case studies, respectively
  • 36% 3-year TCO savings for Cisco UCS compared to HPE servers for 96 Cisco UCS C240 M5 servers vs 96 HPE ProLiant DL380 Servers

Granular Measurements

Use granular measurements provided by UCSM to find out how to optimize cluster hardware. With over 60 reporting metrics, UCSM provides useful insights into how to run the infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fast ROI

Achieve payback in fewer than 12 months with our joint solution. Data analysis on Cisco UCS helps businesses realize greater than 5 times ROI.

Cisco Validated Design (CVD)

Ensure rapid and cost-effective deployment with a Cisco Validated Design (CVD). The Cisco Common Platform Architecture (CPA) with MapR went through extensive testing by engineers from Cisco and MapR to ensure rapid deployment and seamless integration.