Dragonfly Data Factory

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Dragonfly Data Factory enables its customers to cost effectively mine, manage and monetize data delivering actionable analytics that drive unsurpassed business performance.

Dragonfly’s Products, Data Factory facilities and Data Engineering Services are focused on cloud-based, open data architectures and tools that provide data extraction and processing data sources towards data analytics deliverables.

Dragonfly Data Factory ( Software Defined ) provides seamless extraction of raw data from multiple data sources and sensors via a cloud-based Data Extraction Appliance, and a Data Tool Manager that selects the right tool sets to mine the data. The Extraction Appliance and Tool Manager are integrated with Software Development Kits (SDKs) and APIs from Hadoop and other Big Data technology partners for specific functions and verticals. The facitilites within Dragonfly Data Factories are co-designed with partners to facilitate all facets of cleansing, mainipulating and contextualizaing unstructured data by certified data engineers, Hadoop developers and data scientists with defined processes, tools and ITIL methodologies.

Dragonfly Data Factory value-added activities include:

  • Dragonfly Appliance Extraction Product to seamlessly extract, transport & integrate big data from client multi –data set environments into a Data factory facility. Cloud-based Big Data architectures, platform & product attributes aligned with Hadoop technology vendor alliances to enable data mobility Provide factory-based automation, expertise and productivity tools to address lack of big data skill sets Dragonfly Data Factory will have technology alliances with Hadoop applications for verticals working with Big Data End-user Application providers including Social Centric Apps, Transportation, Defense, Finance, Logistics, Bio & Healthcare. Dragonfly Data Factories will have Partner centers facilities for Interoperability & PoC Labs, Academy to certify and impart training to Data engineers, Data Scientists, Data Technicians & Data Consultants. The Data Factory is primarily built on software defined architecture design principles and the Data Factories will have Physical, Virtual and Reference Architecture liscensed to Partners.

For more information, visit //www.dragonflydatafactory.com