Dua Empat Tujuh

SOLUSI247 is an ICT company established in 2000 focusing on large scale data processing applying RDBMS and massive parallel flat file processing. As the challenge of the incredible data growth considerably increases, we adopt the cutting edge technology of Big Data platform, called “Hadoop”. Supported by certified specialists who are capable of developing highly productive tools for Map reduce application development with auto code-generation and real time processing capability, called “Hgrid247”, we can ensure our costumers satisfaction by implementing Hadoop clusters involving ± 200 nodes in Telcos in Indonesia. Solusi247 customer base comprises over eight organizations across these sectors. In addition to telecoms operators in Indonesia, Solusi247 targets the telecoms sector in South East Asia, together with start-up operators elsewhere. Currently our customers mostly are telco.

For more information, visit //www.solusi247.com