Foghorn Systems

FogHorn provides innovative application development, deployment and analytics solutions for the Internet of Things. We drive efficiencies in use-cases like remote monitoring & diagnostics, failure detections & preventative maintenance, over-the-air software upgrades, closed-loop control of device performance, asset optimization & yield management and energy management by bringing applications and realtime analytics close to the sensors.

  1. Our core platform connects developers, enterprise IT and operations to bring intelligence, responsiveness and agility in realtime decision-making. Customers leverage FogHorn to tap the power of software with unprecedented economics by abstracting sensor complexities and boosting developer productivity.
  2. Operations groups within our customers benefit from FogHorn’s path-breaking Edge (or ‘Fog’) technologies that bring applications and analytics close to the sensors, giving them high responsiveness, data security and policy control.
  3. Enterprise IT organizations use FogHorn’s plug ‘n play model to leverage existing enterprise software, cloud and big data assets deployed in their datacenters.

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