Galactic Exchange

Galactic Exchange has developed software (product is called "ClusterGX") that allows anyone to create a Docker powered server cluster with integrated support for Hadoop/Spark in less than 5 minutes....with zero required knowledge of clustering, containers/Docker, Hadoop or Spark. If you have the technical ability to install an application like Skype, or Spotify....then you have the ability to build a Hadoop/Spark powered cluster with ClusterGX.

ClusterGX can run on-premise or in the cloud compute provider of your choice (AWS, Azure etc) - and Galactic Exchange provides its own cloud service element which provides cloud based management of the cluster and where we run the Master Nodes of the Hadoop/Spark clusters.

ClusterGX is the perfect solution for businesses with little to no experience of Hadoop/Spark to start their journey down the Big Data path. Galactic Exchange can potentially be a great partner for MapR integrators looking to accelerate deployment into their target customer base.

The base product will be Open Source, with an Enterprise option offered with added features and support options.

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