Informatica: Maximize the Power of Hadoop with Big Data Integration Capabilities

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Harness Real-Time Insight from Your Streaming Data

Streaming Data Collection Requires a New Architecture

As many small pieces of data flow in at high rates and accumulate quickly into large volumes, organizations can only derive maximum value from it if they can gather and analyze it immediately. Traditional file-based, batch- oriented collection architectures are not well-suited for streaming data because they use intermediate collection tiers, don’t support real-time processing, need to be carefully managed to prevent processing errors, and do not scale easily.

Informatica Vibe Data StreamTM for Machine Data efficiently collects all forms of streaming data and delivers it directly to both real-time and batch processing technologies, so companies can leverage it for holistic operational intelligence and big data analytics. Integration with the industry-leading MapR Distribution including Hadoop offers organizations a full production-ready architecture for the continuous collection, ingestion, processing and advanced analysis required to make commercial decisions and adjustments on-the-fly.

Built for Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Performance

The MapR Distribution including Hadoop together with Informatica Vibe Data Stream are key components of a high speed, real-time data analytics platform. Environments with high speed data feeds are especially at risk for disastrous failures, and MapR and Informatica provide the enterprise-grade reliability to tolerate node failures with no impact to the overall system operation. Both are designed for easy administration, which helps to lower the risk for error. The unique support for billions of small files in MapR, along with the easy and scal- able setup of Vibe Data Stream, make them ideal together for “Internet of Things” deployments that ingest potentially billions of files from millions of devices.

Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost with Your MapR/Informatica Enterprise Data Hub

Focus on Big Data Analysis— Not Integration

Simply use the same PowerCenter GUI that has been used by thousands of integration developers for years. No specialized coding is required to scale performance on distributed computing platforms. Now your IT staff can manage twice the data volume in half the time and focus on added-value activity; you can offload data from your expensive data warehouse to commodity hardware, and with unified administration you can build once and deploy anywhere—and for future-proof enterprise-grade operations, only the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop offers unprecedented reliability and scale.

Drive Towards Your Big Data Goals with Confidence

With analytics and storage handled by the MapR Distribution including Hadoop and import, export and processing handled by Informatica, running natively on Hadoop, your analysts are free to focus on product innovation and new business insight.

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Informatica Vibe Data Stream (VDS) makes high-volume, high-velocity and high-scale streaming data collection available, for the first time, and is built on the industry’s fastest and highest performing messaging technology.
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Informatica Power Center App:

Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition combines full power of PowerCenter with execution on each node of a MapR Hadoop cluster.
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