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Making Data Impactful In and Out of Hadoop

Unleash the potential of your organization’s data with Information Builders and MapR. Information yields higher returns the more it is used, shared, and managed effectively. WebFOCUS makes this possible by allowing organizations to leverage their information assets more efficiently and effectively across and beyond the organization, transforming how users access, interact with, and consume information for their strategic, operational, and personal needs.

Move Your Big Data Aspirations Ahead Today

By integrating Information Builders WebFOCUS with the MapR Data Platform, users are assured of not only rich visualizations at blistering speed, but also affordable mission-critical grade data storage, protection and access, on premise and on the road.

MapR enables direct access to business applications through the network file system (NFS) interface and provides built-in enterprise- grade features such as self-healing from multiple failures, point-in-time recovery using snapshots, and efficient disaster recovery using mirroring.


Information Builders software integrates, analyzes, and explores information to obtain greater business value from all their data.
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