Initech Global

Initech Global is a people-centered technology services company. Information Technology strategy development is at its best when clients and consultants establish trust with each other. At Initech Global, we build that trust through precise needs assessments, performance in turning strategy into action, and partnership that puts our clients’ success at the heart of everything we do. As part of our Strategic IT Consulting services, we advise on the next generation technologies clients will need to remain competitive in their industries and future-proof in their technology approach. We provide expertise to determine where technology can alleviate pain points, and where automation can provide process improvements and efficiencies. We work with our clients to provide Business Analytics – whether a client needs disparate technologies to talk to each other, or has the need to extrapolate more value from existing technology investments. Within our highly skilled workforce we cover a wide breadth of the skillsets and offerings, starting with Legacy systems, Full Stack Development, Data Engineering and Big Data services, Integration platform, DevOps with CI/CD solutions and Cloud Migration. This gives us the ability to help clients with their Digital Transformation initiatives. With onshore and offshore options we aim to provide high quality services at a compelling cost.

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