MicroStrategy: Business Intelligence at the Speed-of-Thought and the Scale of Big Data

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Business Intelligence at the Speed-of- Thought and the Scale-of-Big-Data

Empower Users with Advanced, Accessible Analytics

Working seamlessly with your current infrastructure and applications, the connection between MicroStrategy and MapR delivers a simple yet powerful business intelligence foundation for Hadoop. With only a few simple clicks, the average business user can perform sophisticated analytics with data stored in Hadoop directly from MicroStrategy applications.

With the MapR platform that is ready to serve real-time big data as a system of record, MicroStrategy offerings such as real-time operational dashboards can leverage this data to provide unprecedented, real-time decision-making capabilities from unstructured data sources.

Turn Big Data into Real-Time Insight with MapR and MicroStrategy

Users can now quickly analyze structured and unstructured datasets, utilize historical and real-time data, and integrate disparate data sources from multiple systems to deliver high-performance and predictive analytics.

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MicroStrategy is a leading global provider of enterprise software platforms for business intelligence (BI), mobile intelligence, and network applications.
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