MMindCorp is the latest generation Information Technology Services, Solutions and Consultancy provider, started in 2012 and based in Mumbai, India. MMindCorp provides expertise in Database Technologies, Ecosystems and Cloud Infrastructure that powers small, medium and big enterprises, alike. MMindCorp also provides services in Data Analytics and building Platforms/Architectures for the same. MMindCorp helps ensure that its clients keep up on the latest technology curve and keep their Return on Investments higher, more value for their business and Information Technology departments.

Are you looking to get a competitive advantage in your business making use of the technologies available today? Are you looking for a trustworthy and capable partnership that can take care of your IT needs?

MMindCorp provides free initial consultation of any of your IT requirements/problems. MMindCorp provides 24x7 support, remote database/Cloud Infrastructure management and may provide services based on clients' timezone requirements.

Read more about MMindCorp on or call us at +91 9920599740 or +1 612.605.6786.

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