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About NetApp

NetApp is the data authority for hybrid cloud. We provide a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplify management of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments to accelerate digital transformation. Together with our partners, we empower global organizations to unleash the full potential of their data to expand customer touchpoints, foster greater innovation, and optimize their operations. For more information, visit #DataDriven

NetApp Solutions for Hadoop

NetApp enterprise storage for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) based deployments

NetApp solutions for Hadoop feature enterprise storage that is independent of the compute servers to offer an enterprise-class deployment with lower cluster downtime, higher data availability, and linear scalability. We provide two powerful solutions to choose from to deploy HDFS: the NetApp E-Series solution for Hadoop or the NetApp ONTAP SAN solution for Hadoop.

In-place analytics with NetApp

You can use the NetApp® In-Place Analytics Module to run analytics on NFSv3 data without moving the data, creating a separate analytics silo, or setting up a separate HDFS cluster. You can switch from HDFS to NFS or run NFS alongside HDFS. Different Hadoop services are supported, including Apache Ranger, YARN, MapReduce, Spark, HBase, Pig, and Hive.

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