Since her foundation in Korea in 2000, Nextweb Inc. has led the industry of software package solutions specialized in the functional areas of web analytics and personalized recommendation. Nextweb, a leading company specialized in discovering customer preferences inferred from the usage data representing online behaviors, has skilled staffs as well as related technologies, experiences, and know-hows. Nextweb provides a software solution package as well as her technological specialty, being optimized to deliver the maximized customer values in helping customers understand quickly and accurately the status quo of the website, make a right decision, and deliver personalized recommendations effectively.

Key Technologies:

  • Patent Registered: A method and a system to indentify Purchase-Prospecting Product
    • Registration No. : 0403276
    • Date of Registration : Oct. 14, 2003
  • Intension Identification Technology
  • Real-Time Processing Technology
  • Large-Data-Gathering-and-Processing Technology
  • Data Mining Technology

Products :

  • Xtractor Sniffer (Usage Data Gathering)
  • Xtractor ClickWhy/Weblog (Web Analytics)
  • Xtractor DRE (Personalized Recommendation)
  • Xtractor HIT (Segmentation & Targeting)

Awards and Certification :

  • Nominated as a Winner of Technology Development Fund (2002, Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Patent Registration (2003, Korea Intellectual Property Office)
  • Certified as an INNO-BIZ company (2003, Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Nominated as a Winner of Corporate Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (2007, Ministry of Information and Communication)
  • Citation for the Best Web Analytics Software Solution from Administrator of Small and Medium Business Administration (2008)

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