Peak Hosting

With years of experience in the industry gained by working for some of the era’s largest Internet and technical companies, Jeffrey Papen saw the need for an enterprise capable of tackling the technical operations work for clients. So he founded Peak Hosting to do just that.

While we started primarily as a consulting company, managed hosting has always been a part of our business. In 2006, however, Jeffrey saw a stronger market need for the hosting side of the business, so he built up that side of the business. Jeffrey saw managed hosting as our diamond-in-the-rough and determined it was the right time to cut and polish this gem and make it our predominant service offering.

But instead of turning Peak Hosting into a firm that just turned up servers and then stuffed them into racks, Jeffrey created a boutique, full-service managed hosting company that puts the service in “client service.” A company where you could not only get a server turned up, but also one who would design your architecture, build it out, and then maintain it for you. A company that would do everything you needed done for your technical operations requirements.

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