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Pepperdata was founded in 2012 by Sean Suchter and Chad Carson, two veterans from Yahoo, Microsoft, and Inktomi. At Yahoo, Sean ran the web search engineering team, the first production user of Hadoop anywhere; Chad led the sponsored search ranking and optimization team, which used large-scale data processing to increase Yahoo’s annual revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars. At Microsoft, Sean and Chad led the Bing Silicon Valley team, which produced the first-ever integration of Facebook and Twitter data with web search.

Pepperdata’s real-time cluster optimizer monitors all facets of Hadoop performance, including CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network by user, job, and task, in real time. Working on customers’ existing Hadoop clusters, it dynamically adjusts cluster utilization based on administrator priorities so that jobs run faster, more reliably, and more efficiently. Customers use Pepperdata to do more with less — getting improved visibility and control over production jobs while increasing the capacity of their existing hardware.

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Rely on Hadoop to guarantee service levels in mixed workload and multi-tenant production clusters.
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