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Pragsis Bidoop has an important software asset, called Bidoop Layer, (composed by analytic & processing engines, batch of distributed algorithms, business rules and integrated open-sources) that allows E2E solutions can be fully customized and adapted to the specific needs of our customers to easily and quickly work with new development and analytical models in comparison to current Big Data technologies. This entails important cost savings in OPEX and project time execution. Development independence with regard to the underlying Big Data platform (if the platform is changed, it will be rather transparent for the company). This provides more freedom to select an infrastructure without having to bind yourselves to a technology supplier. It guarantees the software evolution and robustness of the proposed analytical layer and all the integrated Hadoop ecosystem technologies, thereby ensuring compatibility between versions and facilitating the maintenance of Big Data solution. Batch of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and implemented business rules. Bidoop Layer has been selected and deployed in production by leading international companies. Business apps and analytical models have been created to provide business value from the data.

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