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Business Consulting

Markets and customers change all the time. New distribution methods, multiple paths to communicate and collaborate with and to your customer. Customers have unprecedented access to technology. RCG has the experience and consultants to help you define, adjust to and leverage these opportunities. Whether it's understanding how to deliver a company strategy or leverage the deluge of information through creating meaningful analytics to help understand customers, product penetration or with meaningful collaboration, RCG can help.

Technology Planning is a highly collaborative, objective process designed to assess your current business model and the business processes and applications which support it or benefit from it. It motivates a company to challenge conventional thinking, innovate and differentiate itself.

Technology Planning provides expertise and services to help business and technology leaders maximize the value that the IT organization delivers to the business. Our services improve the alignment of business and IT strategies, the delivery of IT solutions, and the management of the IT organization.

Our consultants are experienced as management consultants and as "Hands on" managers of technology organizations who provide objective, creative and actionable solutions to improve IT performance.

RCG's Technology Planning solutions include:

  • Business Process Innovation
  • Portfolio Management
  • IT Advisory Services


Business insight requires many data points: a feel for the organization; understanding customers and suppliers; awareness of the business environment and overall economy; and sensing the impact of and opportunities presented by regulatory changes. More than ever business success is going to those that rely on insights informed by analytics rather than those informed by instinct.

Business analytics use statistical and quantitative methods applied to operational and third-party data to analyze organization performance, customer behavior and value, supplier performance, quality, and reliability, competitive and economic trends, and regulatory impact. The confidence of data informs decisions to tackle business issues and improve business performance.

Analytics solutions monitor business performance through key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics. These KPIs and metrics are included in standard reports, queries and alerts to help business people understand their performance and deliver the information they need to take the appropriate actions that will benefit their business. Analytics solutions can also evaluate vendor performance, optimize the value of customer relationships by statistically analyzing the demographics, buying patterns, and other behaviors to determine potential lifetime value, receptivity to up- or cross-sell promotions, and targeted marketing campaigns, and analyze patterns and data relationships not otherwise perceived that can lead to proactive measures to improve your business.

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