Revolution Analytics: Leverage R in Apache Hadoop

Unique, Advanced Analytics Big Data Platform at Petabyte Scale

There is a pressing need for an analytics platform that runs inside Hadoop, handles data scale in the petabytes, offers comprehensive support for advanced analytics, and is accessible to a broad user base—without extensive re-training. With this is mind, MapR and Revolution have teamed up to pave the way forward for enterprise-scale big data analytics.

Pursue Your Big Data Aspirations at Enterprise Scale

Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) does not simply connect to Hadoop like many other analytic tools—it runs inside the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop, providing users with direct access to data stored in MapR, guaranteeing enterprise-grade reliability, scale and speed. Revolution interfaces to popular BI platforms such as Jaspersoft, QlikView or Tableau and productivity tools like Microsoft Excel and Alteryx, quickly transforming results into visual insights that can be shared across the enterprise.

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Offering high-performance, scalable, enterprise-capable analytics, Revolution R Enterprise supports a variety of analytical capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.
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