Ryussi Technologies Pvt Ltd

MoSMB is Ryussi Technologies' advanced Server Message Block (SMB) Server on Linux for storage systems to enable file sharing a in a heterogeneous environment that includes both Windows and non-Windows Computers.

MoSMB provides high performance SMB 2/3 network file services over multiple nodes in MapR cluster. Its active-active scale-out feature provides parallel network i/o paths for ingestion, visualization and archiving. Multiple storage devices, multiple nodes and multiple paths to data are utilized to provide a high degree of parallelism, reducing bottlenecks & providing high availability.

Ryussi Technologies specializes in the areas of Storage, Virtualization, OpenStack, SDN and Big Data Analytics. Ryussi is focused on Software Product Development and Consulting. Its diverse clientele range from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, visit http://ryussi.com/