Serendio is a Data Science-as-a-Service firm offering engineering augmentation services to the Enterprise and technology vendors in the Big Data space. Our core competencies are in Big Data infrastructure implementation and management, text analytics, machine learning, natural language programming, and scientific predictive modeling.

Our services span the life cycle of the typical Big Data initiative, from initial strategy consultation, to design and architecture, to proof-of-concept, to pre-production performance and scalability testing, to production phase maintenance and ongoing development, tuning and optimization. And ultimately, to knowledge transfer and return of operational control back to the client (Build, Operate, Transfer model).

We are a three year old start up with some of the best hands on experience to be found when it comes to designing, implementing and scaling Big Data applications and services. We are a horizontal solution provider with experience in Telematics, IoT, AdTech, Insurance, Retail Banking, Finance, Pharma, Mobile, and eCommerce among other production scale deployments.

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