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Trying to explore, analyze and visualize data in Hadoop has often meant significant work manually writing jobs or setting up predefined schemas, which takes time and keeps vital data out of the reach of business and IT professionals. Led by Hunk™: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores, new tools and analytic platforms allow even nontechnical users to explore and understand massive data sets.

Together, the MapR enterprise-grade software Distribution for Hadoop and Hunk are enabling organizations to get up and running quickly to explore, analyze, and visualize unstructured data in Hadoop in just hours, instead of weeks or months.

The Power of Hunk and MapR

MapR and Splunk bring leading innovation to make Hadoop easy, dependable, fast, and ready for big data analytics. With its built-in 24x7 high availability, seamless failover, flexible recovery, and resilience, the MapR Distribution for Hadoop provides the only enterprise-grade platform for Hunk.

With the combination of MapR and Hunk, understanding big data in Hadoop is now simplified. Hunk enables you to detect patterns and find anomalies across terabytes or petabytes of raw data in your MapR clusters without specialized skill sets, fixed schemas or months of development. Using Hunk, you can experience dramatic improvements in the speed and simplicity of getting insights from big data in Hadoop.

Key Benefits

Minimize Learning Curve: Empower business and IT teams to analyze raw data in Hadoop with self-service analytics and role-based access security. Enable anyone in your department--or your entire organization--to rapidly explore, analyze and visualize data residing in Hadoop clusters.

Peace of Mind: Support SLA-driven, business-critical operations by removing all single points of failure on your analytics platform.

Deeper Insight: Stream massive amounts of data into the Hadoop cluster and leverage Splunk Virtual Index™ technology, schema-on-the-fly search, and integrated visualizations to unlock the business value of data in Hadoop.

Common Use Cases

The ability for any authorized user in your organization to easily access, analyze and act on vast amounts of raw unstructured data in Hadoop can drive:

  • Predictive marketing analytics
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Risk management
  • Operational analytics

With MapR and Hunk, unlocking the business value of data in Hadoop is faster and easier than you thought possible.

MapR and Splunk Enterprise

MapR also integrates seamlessly with Splunk® Enterprise™, allowing bidirectional data flows between Splunk and Hadoop. Data can be offloaded from Splunk to Hadoop for long-term archival and analytical applications. Conversely, data within Hadoop can easily be exported to Splunk for secure searching, reporting and visualization.

Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores

Hunk is a full-featured platform for rapidly exploring, analyzing and visualizing data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.
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