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Syntelli Solutions Inc. is in the business of ‘Influencing Behavior by Use of Data’. We help our clients leverage data to formulate and execute on strategies to influence behavior of their customers, prospects, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. We believe analytics is not just a science of numbers, but is an art that should be applied to improve the overall performance, culture and well-being of organizations across the globe.

We design our solutions on leading Big Data and analytics technologies. They are built to help you use and store large data sets and extract actionable intel from your structured, unstructured and real-time data. With our pre-built Hadoop and analytics-on-cloud solutions, you can get a head start in your Big Data transformation.

Our skills, experience and knowledge focus on these areas:

  • Big Data platform development – with Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.
  • Data science and analytics – with RapidMiner, Knime and SAS.
  • Dashboard visualizations and BI reporting – with TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau.

Our services also provide the resources that help your non-technical users perform their own analysis in a few simple steps. Our training and ongoing consulting services can keep them in the forefront of BI technological advances. Learn More

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