Viadex Limited

Viadex Global is the ultimate consolidation play for organisations with geographically dispersed branch office and data centre infrastructure.

With 14 years experience in designing, pre-building, deploying and implementing solutions worldwide, Viadex Global are the partner of choice to mid sized organisations with global spread.

Viadex Global is the preferred global IT Solutions partner for leaders in Online Gaming, ISV's, Retail, Research, Financial Services, SAAS/PAAS/Cloud, Manufacturing and Telecoms.

The Research Collaborative Community (RCC) is a collaboration of world renowned research institutes, standing together to gain a foothold in the rapidly evolving world of data centre technologies. Our goal is to deepen the research community by drawing together the many fields of research, enabling a wider platform for knowledge transfer and access to the “best of breed” technologies using a vendor agnostic approach. The collective knowledge of the Research Industry is a powerful force, creating a community with a phenomenal influence both in knowledge transfer and buying power. The RCC allows you to invest in your goal – Research.

In working with Research Institutes, Viadex have understood, and indeed embraced the same ethos and best practices, sharing and collaborating with all members of the Research Collaborative Community from the small team of researchers to the world renowned institutes.

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